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The Consultation Visit

Every weight loss program at Synergy Lifestyle Center begins with a personal consultation with a highly trained healthcare professional. The doctor is an expert in medical weight loss and nutrition and will discuss your specific goals, motivations and any medical disorder you might have.

On your initial consultation visit, you will receive a full body composition analysis and a detailed report outlining the amount of fat, muscle and water that you have in your body. Body composition analysis will be an important tool used on every visit to measure your progress. Helping you lose fat and maintain muscle mass is an integral part of the program at Synergy Lifestyle Center.

There are several program options available to you at Synergy; each will enable you to lose weight at varying rates. Depending on your medical history, your degree of fitness, motivation level and financial preferences, you and your doctor can decide which program will be best for you.

Synergy Lifestyle Center offers 100% natural meal replacement programs with professional counseling. Our nutritional products are of the highest quality, specifically formulated to curb your hunger, and provide all the vitamin and minerals you need while losing weight quickly. These products are safe for patients over 18 years, and for patients who may have complicating conditions.

In addition we offer FDA approved weight loss medications depending on your needs. All the products and medications have been shown to be effective over the many years they have been studied. Synergy weight loss programs may also offer supplementary injections that can enhance your desired weight loss outcomes.

At the end of your consultation the doctor may recommend to enroll you in one of the available programs. There is no obligation to enroll in any of the programs if you chose not to.